Thursday, September 19, 2013

TABITAI finally on TV

I always knew I was going to grow up to be a TV star, and frankly, when some random guys standing in front of Shibuya's Don Quixote finally asked us for an interview, I thought, "About damn time!"

I kid, of course.

It actually went down like this:
My brother and I had just come back from Haneda from dropping our parents off. We were meeting someone at Yuurakucho Station later at night, so I figured we'd have lunch and hang out around Shibuya to see if we could maybe have something of interest to buy.

We had lunch at a tiny curry shop and I spotted a Donki, sometimes my favorite store because it's such an eclectic mish mash of both useful and absolutely useless things.

"Let's go to Donki!" I exclaimed, not particularly looking for my brother's input. My brother meandered along good naturedly when he was suddenly stopped by a man in glasses asking in somewhat broken English.

"Excuse me," he enunciated carefully. "Are you here for trip?"


The man explained that they were doing a segment on popular souvenirs amongst foreigners, and would we be willing to let them follow us around the store as we browsed?

My brother hesitated, but I said, "Sure!" before my brother could turn them down out of perfectly sensible privacy concerns.

It was the most awkward moment of window shopping I'd ever done, and I suddenly felt self-conscious of everything I was picking up and looking at. At one point, I turned the corner and found myself in a decidedly adult section of the store and hurriedly backed out.

Eventually, the crew stopped us and asked us a few interview questions such as, "Was the layout of the store confusing? How did you feel wandering around the store?"

At any rate, you can check us out in the video below. We appear at the 1:17 mark, and again at the 2:25 mark.

Appeared on national TV? Check

Watched by A-list Japanese celebrities? Check.

We also asked to commit the TV crew to (digital) film just in case we never got a recording of the actual clip, but of course YouTube came in handy later on down the road, and they were nice enough to oblige.

I became a minor celebrity of my workplaces, and it was interesting to be greeted by people who I had never met before with a, "Excuse me, but have I seen you on TV before?"

And now, I can answer, "Why--why, yes, you probably have."

Also, thanks for my brother's friend, Bennett Fong, for letting us know that he saw us on Youtube. Unfortunately, the clip he found was taken down, but I found another one easily enough and did a bit of poking around to save for myself.

Anyways, till next time~!

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