Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Sum Up--Happy One Year! Love, Japan

March was a very busy month!

It marked my first complete year in Japan, but it also marked the movement of a lot of friends who were moving to different cities or even countries.

Speaking of moves though, it was also a busy end of the month for me as I moved to a (much more spacious!) new apartment.

I also fulfilled a dream when I went to a the GazettE concert, a band I've admired since high school. Like the Muse concert, the concert was at Saitama Supert Arena, so I think it might just be my "lucky" venue.

As a whole though, March was a fairly quiet in terms of explorations. It really took me by surprise as I passed my 1 year anniversary as an expat, and I was taken aback by how quick everything happened.

If there's anything I have to say about this past year though, it's how grateful I am for all the foods I've tried here and the people I've had the opportunity to eat with. Friends and family in Japan--thank you for this past awesome year! Let's make the next one just as good with a lots of yummy foods and snacks!

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