Monday, January 14, 2013

MUSE and Gyoza Stadium

I haven't been a fan of MUSE for very long (think end of college till now), but when I first heard them, I was instantly hooked.

So imagine my utter delight--and fangirl excitement--when I found out Muse was coming to Japan.

And to Saitama Super Arena, which was a relatively close 20 minute train ride. It was perfect for me!

I had no idea how the seating was going to work according to the charts on the websites, so I figured I'd go a little earlier and explore the area first.

It was a good idea since there was a bit of an exhibition going on right outside of Super Arena.

I'm not exactly sure what organization it was for, but who cares when you've got a giant steampunk birdman?

The little mini underground mall close to the arena also still had Christmas lights up, so I also caught a photo of that.

After wandering around some more, I finally headed into the Arena at 4, when seating started. As I mentioned before, I didn't have much to worry about since I'd gotten a seated ticket. Which meant I had plenty of time to take leisurely photos in front of the signage.

People were beginning to fill up the arena, and while I was waiting, I happened to glance around to see who was sitting around me since I was very very bored.

One man in particular caught my eye, and I messaged a friend from my phone, saying that I saw a man who looked like a musician I was a fan of named Miyavi.

I gave him a few long hard stares, and there were quite a few times when he met my eyes, but I looked away quickly like a creeper. However, I resolved to find him again after the concert ended to at least get a picture with this incredible Miyavi lookalike.

I pretty much forgot everything as soon as Muse stepped out though.

Even though the stage was relatively bare compared to other concerts I'd been to, Muse lost to nobody when it came to putting on a good show.

Even though Muse released a new album lately (one of their songs was used at the Olympics), I wasn't particularly a big fan of the new album, so I was ecstatic that all the songs they played were old ones that I knew.

It was also really fun to actually have an English-speaking band come because, for once, I actually understood 100% what was being said on stage. The actual MCs were very short though, but even with the language barrier, the fans all replied in one enthusiastic and raucous entity.

After the live, I hurriedly turned around to see if I could spot the Miyavi lookalike before meeting up with my friend, Katie (who came up from Osaka just to see Muse!) for dinner.

To my disappointment the man had already disappeared, so I went out to meet up with Katie and her friend Laura. We had ramen and karaage before I got back onto the train.

I was then, as usual, checking my phone for updates via Facebook and Twitter. I then tweeted that I had seen a really good Miyavi lookalike when a second later, I had tweets telling me to check Miyavi's Twitter feed. And what I saw was this.......

I literally strangled my phone on the train and I was mentally beating myself over the head for not talking to him before the show. He had been within arm's reach (literally!) and I had let the moment go.

At any rate, I tried to comfort myself by saying that I had seen both Muse and Miyavi with my own eyes, and I had been very close to the stage, which was extremely lucky considering how I'd gotten tickets last minute.

So, in an effort to not end this post on a negative you're-such-an-idiot note, here's a ton of pictures of food!

A friend also took me to Ikebukuro's Namja Town to visit Gyoza Stadium, a food theme park. Let me repeat:

Food. Theme. Park

The interior design was really cute and quite thought out, with a mishmash of little shops and stalls, as if you were walking through an old traditional shopping district.

Imagine how happy I was when I got to eat all that cheese gyoza!

On that "cheesy" note, I'll leave you till next time! :)

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