Sunday, September 23, 2012

September Start

September started off as busy as the end of August.

To wrap up our summer, a group of friends went out to karaoke. It was the perfect end to summer vacation with a group of friends and good singing and, in their cases, cheap drinks.

Just because it was the end of summer though, that didn't stop any of us from still exploring.

Aenea, Jay, Matt and I managed to cram ourselves into Omotesando Hills, but unfortunately missed the opening ceremonies (I really wanted to see Anna Tsuchiya in person >_<).

But, instead, we got something just as awesome and beneficial.

We got to see the famous Leslie Kee in action as he transformed the tiny stage at Omotesando Hills into his own studio.

He picked volunteer models from the crowd at Omotesando Hills, which was beside itself with excitement at the chance to get photographed by a Vogue photographer, and we also got a chance to see how he worked with models to get some amazing photos.

Besides the impromptu photo shoot, there were plenty of other places and people celebrating Fashion's Night Out.

A live party in Omotesando Hill's basement featured a live DJ and plenty of other fashionable people.

The end of summer also marked the beginning of harvesting season, and my coworkers, knowing how I dislike bitter melon, thought it would be a brilliant idea to give me some of the crop that they grew at school.

While helping harvest, I noticed that there were some vivid orange melons, and I asked my coworker if they were edible. She told me, to my surprise, that the orange melons were actually very sweet, especially the seeds.

At her encouragement, I tried one and was surprised at exactly how sweet it was. The red seeds were nearly on par with honey and definitely a delicious and cool treat during the lingering and exhausting heat of the summer days.

Another huge event was the Kishidan Banpaku music festival all the way out in Chiba. Going to this festival let me cross off so many of my "bucket list" bands, including the GazettE, T.M. Revolution, Golden Bomber and VAMPS. In the process, I also got to see Hamasaki Ayumi live, who I adored when I first got into Jpop back in high school.

Kishidan Banpaku also led me to become an avid fan of DJ Ozma and his side band, Kishidan. Besides their stage antics, which has me in stitches, how can you not like a band that inspires their fans to dress like this one?

Tomorrow is back to the grindstone Mondays, but before I finish up, here's a few more pictures that I forgot to upload last time:

Till next time!

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