Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bread Snatchers United

Wow, I've really been neglecting the blog--sorry!!

My classes have been fun, as usual, but after 8 hours of being mobbed up by excited kids, I basically just fall asleep after dinner.

To catch everyone up though, a few weeks ago, I had more sports meets, this time for the rest of my schools. With three schools, there was no leisurely photographing to be had, and I was busy biking all around south Misato to get to as many places and watch as many things as I could.

While sports meets are common throughout Japan and relays are standard, schools will also have different races.

One of my favorite races included bread-snatching, which I'm sure comes as no surprise to anyone. The kids would start from a few meters back before racing towards a pole with bread clipped to it. They would then proceed to try and pull the bread off the pole with their teeth. It also made me a bit envious of the kids who got to experience this every year.

Luckily enough, I got a chance to experience bread snatching first hand when I attended Misato City's International Sports Meet.

The event had a relatively small turn out, but it was definitely an international event and made me realize how large the foreigner's population here is. I found out that quite a few of my students have Chinese lineage after seeing them at the event, which I never would have guessed outside of class.

Many of the games were the typical undoukai games, which included tug of war, the ootama (大玉, big ball), and, of course, my favorite bread snatching contest. I snatched an anpan, a red bean bun, but if I was given a chance, I probably would've run away with the whole pole of bread, haha.

There was also an after party (family friendly!) with lots of good Japanese-style party food, which included yakisoba and many different fried foods.

Needless to say, it was all delicious!

Another highlight was E and her sister visiting Japan for the first time. Thanks to them, I also discovered the delicious wonders of the local kaitenzushi, conveyor belt sushi.

Since there hasn't been much else happening (besides being swamped with work), I'll leave you with that delicious photo until next time!

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