Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Around 三郷市

These past two days have been nonstop traveling all around 三郷市, getting lost and relearning some of the most important parts of childhood.

Riding a bike.

Due to Misato's setup, there are some things within walking distance and other things within biking/busing distance. However, busing can get expensive, so for a year-long resident like me, the best option is the one-time cost bike that will (hopefully) take me wherever I need to go provided I know the way.

The yellow color makes me want to call it "Kinkin." Kin iro (金色) being Japanese for "yellow." Kinkin (キンキン) can also mean a variety of other things in Japanese, ranging from "brain freeze" to "soon, before long" to "quite cheerful." I could probably take the latter two and skip out on the brain freeze.

The bike riding itself was daunting at first. Most of the time, I had trouble starting/stopping, so I probably need to make some seat adjustments, but I managed to survive, which really says a lot considering my lack of athleticism.

T and I pretty much walked all over lower Misato in search of a recycle shop that would sell used bikes, but in the end we found a much closer option at a Japanese chain super store called Don Quixote.

Don Quixote probably has everything you could possibly need in life, including (my favorite!) a giant supermarket downstairs complete with fresh vegetables, fruits, meats and seafood for great quality.

I should also mention that Japanese mushrooms are MUCH cheaper here. It's a good thing I like them since I believe I will be eating much more of them over the next year.

The flurry of activity these past few days have included meeting Misato's Board of Education and the principals, vice principals and teachers of my four elementary schools. Some of this took place at Misato City Hall, which was also decorated with the city mascots, Kai-chan and Tsubu-chan.

T, KB and I also took care of some logistics at the Misato City Hall, and KB was kind and generous enough to treat us to a delicious bowl of karaage donburi which consists of Japanese-style fried chicken with mayo on rice. Mine also includes of heaps of benishoga (pickled ginger) because I absolutely love the stuff with rice.

And with that, I will leave you till next time!

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